Xevoz customs - part 20

Just after posting the last batch, Vartomio Cain showed off more of his fun Xevoz ideas.

Fastest thieves and pickpockets in the Reptosaur underworld. They carry a well-deserved reputation of tricksters and vandals, willing to provide service to those who educate themselves in the arts of the perfect prank. They can be found racing in the barren lands of Jotnar and the Gaergoth tunnels.

I like the gaping alternate head. And making armor out of cactus is clever for a desert lizard. The running shoes are fun alts, too.

The feared nightguard of the Hidden City, they fiercely soar the jungles and forests spotting criminals immediately. They also train rookies in the force, serve as scholars and as personal messengers to the shamans. Their night vision gives them an incredible advantage in caves and forests.

The name may not make much sense, but the inclusion of different types of owls as alternate heads is smart. His Drain Attack piece being a paper airplane? Someone passing notes in the library?

The Black Busters are a secret branch of the King's government which protects "special" undercover refugees among the Neo Sapiens population. They also deal with the giant insects, monsters, and killer robots that threaten to disrupt the peace of Neo Sapiens cities. Be careful though, some of them may be undercover agents themselves. Known for developing weapons from "foreign" tech.

One for buying multiples of, so you can make both Agent J and Agent K from Men in Black! And also Slenderman. The Drain Piece being a little alien glob is a cute idea.

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