National Barbie Day - Mass Effect Barbie

User arr-jim-lad said: "Barbie in the newest movie looks like if Elsa from Frozen was in Mass Effect" *screenshot of Barbie in her then-newest animated movie looking like if Elsa from Frozen was in Mass Effect* "Don't ask me why I know this."
User powerarmor said: i thought this was a constable frozen edit

User warlocksmith said: "Apparently the plot for this movie is that all the stars are dying and barbie needs to find a way to stop the universe succumbing to a cold dark end which is honestly more terrifying than a lot of actual sci-fi"

user swagmage420 said: "Barbie and the heat death of the universe"

User mooglemisbehaving said: "are you telling me that barbie STOPS the heat death of the universe?"

User betterbemeta said: "I see that the barbie people have finally picked up on what stories little girls actually play out with their toys", followed by the hash tag "do we have any proof that Commander Shepard's first name can't be barbie?"

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