A Real American Hero Season 3 opening

The original Sunbow GI Joe cartoon ended after GI Joe: The Movie in 1987, and the rights weren't picked up by DIC Entertainment until 1989. Since the cartoons tended to focus on characters and vehicles that were new, that left a noticeable gap in the lineup where all the 1988 releases would have gone.

Well now a fan has corrected this oversight, using the animated toy commercials to create a hypothetical Season 3 opening sequence:

That's great work!

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  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Wow, that really was well-done.

    But, boy, did the vehicles get crazy by 1988, huh? The older vehicles often had a sense of "modified from base models" like the Rattler, the Skystriker or the bridgelayer, but by the DiC seasons...

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