Star Wars: the Inquisitors

Originally, there were only two Sith: one master, one apprentice. Then it occurred to writers that in order to keep those numbers steady, there would need to be lots of backups: if an Apprentice turns on his Master and is killed, the master will need a new underling to slot into the hierarchy; that's how Darth Sidious had Darth Tyranus ready to go as soon as Darth Maul got cut in half, and then immediately started grooming Anakin to take over from Dooku. On the other hand, if you successfully overthrow your old boss and become the new Master, you'll need someone to promote right away; that's why Vader was training Galen Marek, Dooku had Asajj Ventress... heck, even Palpatine was already raising Maul before Darth Plagueis had died!

from ''Darth Vader'' #7

Anyway, having potential apprentices requires a pool of Force-sensitives to draw from, and Palpatine knew if he could control that pool, it would 1) keep Vader from plotting against him, and 2) give him plenty of spares in case "Robot-Lungs Skywalker" should go out of warranty. Thus the 1987 Star Wars Sourcebook roleplaying supplement introduced the concept of the Inquisatorius, a group of dark side adepts who worked for the Emperor as part of the Intelligence division. The concept was reintroduced to the new continuity in Star Wars: Rebels and expanded upon in Jedi: Fallen Order. The group is not trained in the way of the Sith, and their constant in-fighting and jockeying for favor keeps them from posing a threat to either Palpatine or Vader.

The members include:

Come on, Hasbro, make a full collection!

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8 Responses to Star Wars: the Inquisitors

  1. Black Arbor says:

    Saying that people didn't like Reva because she was black and they were racist is really dismissive of legitimate criticisms of the writing, acting and directing of the character... Everything about Obi-Wan was on the spectrum of mediocre to downright awful, and Reva was somewhere in the middle...

    • Marty says:

      Agrred. But since nothing ever says the criticism was only about race, what does that have to do with anything? If you're not one of the people pushing taht idea because they were mad at the character existing, it's not about you. Why get insulted on behalf of the people who are? Let *ss holes stick up for themselves

      • yo go re says:

        Yeah, I may make fun of your bad taste, but that doesn't mean I'm making fun of you for being a bad person. 😆 If it's not about you, it's not about you...

      • Black Arbor says:

        The idea was posited in today's review of Reva, and I dunno, I've always been one to play Devil's Advocate. I don't like to "other" people and paint them with broad strokes. Does make me wish the reviews themselves had a comment section haha

    • Ai Muhao says:

      I just disliked her because almost the first thing I knew about the character (besides the name and rank as an Inquisitor) was that it felt like the (US) media was all set to call anyone who didn't like her a racist.

      The Sequel trilogy caused me to lose interest in Star Wars, but I enjoyed The Mandalorian enough to be curious about the Obi-Wan series, especially because MacGregor and Christensen were reprising their roles. I even made it a point not to keep up-to-date on news so I could go in blind and judge it on its own merits.

      Unfortunately, then articles about "toxic Star Wars fans" or "the actress of Reva was warned to expect racist backlash" started showing up on my news feed, and that pretty much killed any chance there was of me giving it a chance.

      • yo go re says:

        If that's true? Then man, you need to fix yourself. If your reaction to hearing bad news being directed at an actress is to get mad AT THE SHOW and not at the people who were doing it? That's ain't right. That's some kind of problem in your brain that you need to work on...

  2. Ai Muhao says:

    Were the Inqusitorius also the ones who showed up in the TIE Fighter games as Palpatine's agents? I seem to remember some of their award ceremonies being kinda "Dark Side"-ish.

    And were the Emperor's Hands part of them too?

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