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Podcast: Toy of the Year 2013

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The new way to judge articulation

We've long maintained that in order to be an "action figure," a toy has to have at least five points of articulation: the neck, the shoulders, and the hips. That's how Star Wars did it, that's how America does it, … Continue reading

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What kind of collector are you?

Rate yourself on the patented OAFEscale! Do you buy everything - multiples of everything - or do you buy what you like when you like it, and give it up later? Where do you fall on a continuum of Rustin … Continue reading

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We're on Facebook!

After much holding out, we're finally on Facebook! So you know what to do. And heck, don't forget that MySpace still exists, too. And you can add us on Google+ or follow us on Twitter.

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Batman offers Catwoman a ride

In honor of the 10th anniversary of our first Figuretoon, we posted a new one today. And yes, it was entirely just an excuse to post this joke. To see the punchline, though, you'll need to go read the toon. … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to us

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It's over 10,000!

Long-time blog readers may remember, ages ago, when I reported that my camera had broken and I needed to buy a new one. Well, in yesterday's review of the Slaughter's Marauders GI Joe battle set, I reached my 10,000th review … Continue reading

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What’s on JOE Mind? podcast

Hey! As brought to our attention by Engineernerd of TV & Film Toys, we were name-checked in the newest "What's on JOE Mind?" podcast: Yay! We're notable! (But once again, it's pronounced as a single word, not as individual letters: … Continue reading

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Win a free Afghanistan Assemblage robot

We recently had a blog post about PFC Rupert Valero and the custom robot toys he's made while on deployment in Afghanistan. He was even cool enough to send us some of the bots to review - such as the … Continue reading

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A Joe Friday announcement

You're probably familiar with The Corps!, the line of GI Joe-knockoffs that look like they should be sold exclusively in drug stores. These days you'll often see them hanging next to the real Joes in the toy aisles, which is … Continue reading

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