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Make-Up May

We're going to be doing something a little unusual this month. As you're well aware, we sometimes have themes, like Old Toys Month in February, or Horror Month in October. But there are still only so many days in a … Continue reading

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yo sez: Parts for sale!

In the Iron Fist review, I mentioned I'd be selling off all my Dormammu BAF parts. I didn't expect such a big response! I posted this information on our message board, but I'm copying it onto the blog because there's … Continue reading

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I'm selling stuff

In fact, I'm going to be selling A LOT of my stuff soon, because there's never enough space. So if there's anything you know I have that you'd want, try making an offer - you might just get lucky! We're … Continue reading

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About Walking Dead Mystery Minis

The past few years during Horror Month, all our Minimate Mini-Reviews were Walking Dead-themed. Apparently you liked that, because when this year's didn't follow the same scheme, we got questions about why. Well, it's complicated. Because starting with Series 4, … Continue reading

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Time to start the teenage angst!

Thirteen years. That's how long we've been doing this. It was August 20, 2002 that Poe announced to the world that the site he, Shocka, and yo had been working on for a few weeks was finally ready for the … Continue reading

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We support Net Neutrality

All day today, you'll see this header on every page of our site: Why?

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Did you ever forget your own birthday?

Because we did. Last year.

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Podcast: Toy of the Year 2013

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The new way to judge articulation

We've long maintained that in order to be an "action figure," a toy has to have at least five points of articulation: the neck, the shoulders, and the hips. That's how Star Wars did it, that's how America does it, … Continue reading

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What kind of collector are you?

Rate yourself on the patented OAFEscale! Do you buy everything - multiples of everything - or do you buy what you like when you like it, and give it up later? Where do you fall on a continuum of Rustin … Continue reading

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