GI Joe Movie Watch 2 - another faceless villain, and a hunky teen

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there's a new villain joining Cobra's ranks this time out.

The villain is one more connection to the Arashikage Clan, and some know him as The Faceless Master - but he's better known as Firefly! Yes, the evil explosives expert is going to be in the still-untitled GI Joe 2, played by Ray Stevenson. We shouldn't need to tell you who Ray Stevenson is. He's no stranger to nerd-friendly roles, having played both Frank Castle in Punisher War Zone and Volstag in this summer's Thor. Now, Firefly isn't usually a brutish character, but Stevenson has the charisma to make us like Firefly, however the movie portrays him.

Also, What's Playing has a surprising casting call for "Mouse." A character from Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles, Mouse is described as "a huge role for a young up-and-comer," designed to bring teen girls into theaters.

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