Lego Batman Minifigures: Zebra Man review

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He may look a little silly, but this super-villain's powers pack a real kick! Zebra-Man's body was irradiated by super-science, giving him both a wild pattern of stripes and the ability of diamagnetism. Now he can use his control belt to attract and repel any non-metallic objects without touching them, giving him what could literally be described as animal magnetism! (And also wood magnetism, plastic magnetism, water magnetism...)

Bat-Fact: When a whole herd of zebras are standing together, their stripes make them difficult to count.

Is this the dumbest Bat-villain ever? It might be! He has the power to magnetically control anything... except metal. Bill Finger, what were you doing? To be specific, this is the second Zebra-Man, introduced in 1987 - you can tell, because there was no way Sheldon Moldoff in 1959 would have thought to give a character a mohawk, even if it was meant to evoke a zebra's mane. So take that off and you can have the original character instead of his successor. The stripes are all tampographed cleanly, but as usual they end abruptly at the corners of the body instead of wrapping around, so his sides (and the back of his legs) are bare.

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