Transformers BotBots Burgertron review

Most of the Transformers BotBots are divided into themed groups, but then there are those who get separated from the herd and turn up in the Lost & Found as Lost Bots. They don't get their own store, and can instead be found all over the mall - Burgertron, for example, is right by the escalators on Level 2.

If he weren't one of the Lost Bots, Burgertron would clearly have been part of the Greaser Gang - like Spud Muffin, he feels like a throwback to the McDonald's Changeables, being a nice-looking hamburger. Greasiness is the right of all hungry beings. The bun has a rough, pitted texture, which looks more like the inside of an English muffin than a sesame seed bun. The paint has some problems, too: the brown of the patty stops where it gets to (what will eventually be) the robot's arms, and the green lettuce turns yellow at the same spot. What the heck happened there? Was it by design, or a production error?

BotBots convert very easily, for more kid-friendly fun. All you have to do here is unfold the legs and arms, and you're done.

Burgertron acts like an action hero. He's tough as nails, super strong, and always good for a cheesy line at just the right time. Hasta la beefsta, BotBots.

That's super cute. Burgertron looks a lot like Optimus Prime, with the mouthplate, the forehead ridge, and the ear antennae. The art shows the mouth silver, but on the toy it's unpainted yellow, the color the entire thing was molded in. He's got a red patch on his chest, green eyes, and brown hands that match his helmet. You might have trouble standing him, thanks to his big buns: the top of the burger takes up the entire back of his head, so he wants to fall right off his tiny little legs unless you swivel his arms forward slightly to help balance him.

Fitting with their "misplaced" status, the Lost Bots are only available in the blind-pack portion of the line, either single-carded or in the hidden spot in the multipacks. Burgertron is available in two Series 1 five-packs, and one eight-pack.

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8 Responses to Transformers BotBots Burgertron review

  1. george says:

    Love your reviews. Might you know if the sdcc optimus prime/ghostbusters tractor/trailer set will be avsilable after the show on the hasbro website? Thanks so much.

    • yo go re says:

      There's no guarantee it will be, but I'll still say "yes": Hasbro is very good about putting at least limited quantities of their exclusives on Hasbro Toy Shop (well, Hasbro Pulse, now, I guess) after the show. Usually around August 9th, if memory serves me correctly? They may sell out fast, but there's at least a chance to get them...

      • yo go re says:

        They've announced this year's date: September 10. It's a Tuesday. And I think they usually go up around noon Eastern time?

  2. How do you lose a food court hamburger?
    These "organic" Transformers confuse me.
    That is one ugly bot-mode that looks nothing like the art.

  3. Kofi Sapong says:

    Do you think there will be a series based on the toyline?

  4. BBShockwave says:

    If you buy the Series 1-2 sticker book, it shows which Lost Bots were lost from which other group. And yes Burgertron belongs to the Greaser Gang. I do wish they repainted him as a chicken burger with mayo and salad...

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