Bethesda Mystery Minis - Doom Cyberdemon

Pinky and the Revenant weren't the only Doom enemies available in Mystery Mini form - there's also the Cyberdemon, though you'd have a heck of a time getting it!

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There was an exclusive three-pack released at E3 2015 featuring three of Bethesda's biggest games: Doom, Fallout, and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Dishonoured:

Doom's contribution to the set was the Cyberdemon, which is something of a boss monster in the game series (and also a major part of the connective tissue with Wolfenstein: BJ Blazkowicz fought a giant Nazi-summoned demon called "the Harbinger of Doom," which he defeated by chopping off its arm and leg; the same arm and leg the Cyberdemon is missing). Here are some photos from an eBay auction:

The Cyberdemon was eventually released single-packed... as a GameStop exclusive. ...and only in black and white. So if you wanted it to be hard to get and in the wrong colors anyway, you were all set!

The E3 set does show up pretty regularly on eBay, but the people listing it have starting bids over $100 and "Buy It Now" prices multiple times higher. And when it doesn't sell, they just immediately relist it at the same price. (For the record, the last one that did sell went for under $25.)

This is a common issue with eBay: people get a value in their mind, and refuse to adjust to reality. And since eBay will let them relist unsold items for no additional fees, they just use it like a storefront, listing and listing and listing their items at prices they will never sell for.

A better solution would be if something doesn't sell, the seller isn't allowed to relist it for the same price. Take the final price from all the auctions for the same item that have successfully sold in the past 90 days, average them, then divide that number in half, and make that the max starting bid for any relisted auctions. If the item's actually worth the price, it'll get back up there; if not, it'll finally sell. And if the seller wants to try again at their inflated price, they'll have to pay for a new listing instead of just rolling over the old one and making eBay no money. Everybody wins!

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