"Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" Movie Series: Everett Ross review

While Everett Ross is assigned to escort T'Challa to American soil, Erik Killmonger threatens the security of the Wakandan borders from which T'Challa hails.

There was already an Everett K. Ross figure from the first movie, so the announcement of this one didn't make much sense. Sprocket is the one who figured it out: the old one was in a two-pack with Killmonger, and since Killmonger was rereleased in that Legacy line, they needed to rerelease the figure he came with. Okay, logical. But why did he have to come with BAF parts!

The original Ross was one of the first figures to use the suit body, so this one still does. They've changed the colors, though; instead of a grey suit and black tie, he has a deep navy suit and a solid blue tie. You know what that means: he blue! The facial sculpt is the same as well, but the Photo Real printing looks better, so this is absolutely the superior Ross.

Instead of a real gun, he's armed with an imaginary pistol. He gets Attuma's right arm, plus a spear and a club.

Having to buy this Everett Ross is annoying if you've already got the two-pack, but we can at least take solace in the fact advancements in technology mean this one looks a lot better.

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