Rustin - Cult Classics Ash addendum

This is just a little "p.s." for my Cult Classics Ash review. The figure's a solid B, but it could have been an A+ with just a little work.

I simply can't let this go without a little bit of speculation and wishful thinking. I really do love the stretched-out head and think it's a great accessory, but it bugs me that we get this instead of the chainsaw, something far more important. Additionally, the stretched head is a very specific moment that kind of works against this figure as-is. I would have preferred the money spent on the head to have been spent on the chainsaw, the left elbow to be at an angle, and an interchangeable left hand to be included (the one included is permanently in a blatant trigger pose). I, then, would have loved for the interchangeable head to be released with the body and an all-new altar base as a mini-box set or (preferably) con exclusive. That way not only would we have a "perfect" Ash figure in general release, we'd get an awesome, complete moment from the movie. As is, both versions are only sort of base hits while it could have easily been two homeruns.

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