Marvel Legends Fans' Choice poll

Tired of letting fate decide which Marvel characters get made in the fan-favorite Marvel Legends toy line? It's time to make your voice heard!

Hasbro (no stranger to Fans' Choice polls thanks to their Star Wars line) has partnered with ToyFare for the first-ever Marvel Legends Fans' Choice poll. Just check out the following images of the actual unproduced prototypes, then click on the link to cast your vote! The top vote-getter will become an exclusive figure at!

What are you waiting for? Make up your mind, then make your choice count!

This former Alpha Flight member can fly at phenomenal speeds and can generate energy bursts when she’s in physical contact with her twin brother, Northstar!

Trading his normal purple for yellow and blue, Gambit sported these X-Men team colors during Jim Lee's run on Uncanny X-Men, when the X-Men went seeking Professor Xavier in space.

The occasional Empress of the spacefaring Shi'ar Empire, Lilandra is at the center of most of the X-Men's exploits in outer space. She’s also one of Professor X's greatest loves.

The only Marvel Legends Magneto figures so far were built off the Iron Man body for a sort of bulky look. This would be the first Master of Magnetism to get his own sculpt!

Northstar has been a member of Alpha Flight, the X-Men and (against his will) the Hand—but he's probably still best known for being the first openly gay mainstream superhero.

This Japanese mutant with long ties to Wolverine has the power to charge his katana, enabling it to cut through anything (except Adamantium).

This "First Appearance" Storm figure was briefly glimpsed at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, but, like all the figures on this list, hasn't been able to find a place in any Legends series.

This figure pulls double-duty - not only is this the way Japanese mutant Sunfire looked in the "Age of Apocalypse" reality, it’s also his current look as one of this reality's Four Horsemen of Apocalypse!

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