Toypocalypse live tonight!

Excerpt from the Book of Atellus, Chapter 21:

It is said that the most sinister of days falls annually at dusk on the 13th of February - the eve preceding that day when all hearts profess their undying love for one another. It is on this night that the darkness and evil that is Scarabus grows to its fullest strength, seeking to invade the opening hearts of those preparing for the day to follow.

Legend tells that the only way to protect one's self from such darkness is to join with your brethren in a hallowed place beneath the earth and possess the powerful but elusive pair of ivory and ebon Scarabus talismans of the family Dæmothyr and hold them close to your heart as the night approaches... As the Toypocalypse begins...

Beginning tonight (Friday, Feb. 11th at 7pm EST), Four Horsemen Toy Design and TT Underground Gallery present "TOYPOCALYPSE: A Four Horsemen Retrospective."

During the event, the Four Horsemen will be adding live updates and crappy iPhone images to their website:

You can also catch their live updates from the show tonight if you’re following the Four Horsemen on Twitter: @FourHorsemenDesign

If you're going to be in New York City for the 2011 International Toy Fair, be sure to take some time out to go by TT Underground Gallery to check out this overview of more than a decade of the artistic work of one of the most prolific toy design groups in the industry today - the Four Horsemen.

On display will be artwork, prototypes and production pieces of work from not only their own properties and creations, but also of work created during their more than a decade long partnership with the largest toy company on the planet, Mattel.

On sale at Toypocalypse - Dark Talisman Scarabus & Light Talisman Scarabus figure sets. The Talisman Scarabus figures are limited to only 100 pairs to be sold at Toypocalypse, each featuring individually hand-cast & painted Scarabus Talisman Discs attached to the front of each package. The sets are $100.00 each and all major credit cards will be accepted.

Also on sale at Toypocalypse - the Four Horsemen Poster/Print. Each Four Horsemen Poster/Print is printed on heavy 11"X17" matte stock and will be signed by the artist, Nathan (Baena) Baertsch. If you're at Toypocalypse on opening night, you can also have the Four Horsemen sign them for you in person!

Toypocalypse: A Four Horsemen Retrospective will be open at different times from February 11th through February 17th. Be sure to check for specific times, dates and location.

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