It's over 10,000!

Long-time blog readers may remember, ages ago, when I reported that my camera had broken and I needed to buy a new one. Well, in yesterday's review of the Slaughter's Marauders GI Joe battle set, I reached my 10,000th review photo taken on this new camera:

That's just reviews and related images: pictures I take of other stuff gets deleted off the memory card and the numbers ignored, so the total number of photos is definitely higher.

Just for fun, this was the first picture I took with the camera:

And this was the 5,000th:

Oh, and the final picture taken with my old camera?

Way to break it, Bumblebee!

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3 Responses to It's over 10,000!

  1. Ridureyu says:

    Your cameras last much longer than mine. My current one is from December, 2009, and it's already feeling bad.

    • yo go re says:

      And it's not even the camera that died, really - if the card still worked, I might still be using it today...

      • Ridureyu says:

        My memory cards have been just fine - the only reason why I'm not still using the one my first digital camera came with is that I needed the extra space (original was 350 MB, current is 4 GB) if I ever wanted to take a vacation without a PC handy to store the pictures.

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