Horde Prime addendum

So, today we reviewed the new MOTUC Horde Prime, a figure with a secret. A secret face. A face that no one saw until the figure shipped and they opened the blister and took the helmet off for themselves. So far we've preserved the mystery, but you still deserve to see what the face looks like, even if you didn't get to buy the toy. But in the interests of spoilers, the photo is after the cut.

The helmet itself is gigantic and stupid and AWESOME! It looks like someone said "hey Jack Kirby, design an Aztec catfish." Even once you know what the face underneath looks like, you'll want to leave the helmet - not to preserve the illusion, but because he looks supreme with it on!

Last chance to not have the surprise ruined for you!

So, if you really insist on finding out what the SECRET MYSTERY HEAD looks like without buying the toy, just click on the image up above. But don't say we didn't warn you!

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5 Responses to Horde Prime addendum

  1. yo go re says:

    I know pictures of this guy's face were all over the internet within minutes of the first .org d-bag getting his in the mail and not having the common goddamn sense to know what "it's a surprise" means, but I managed to avoid them completely until mine got here. I even didn't look at the face as I took him out of the tray, purposely averting my eyes until he was out of the tray and standing by himself.

    (It sounds more dramatic than it was: I just paid attention to the TV instead of the figure while I pried him out.)

    Anyway, that means the first time I saw his face was the way the Horsemen intended: not in a hasty photo posted on a message board in a sad attempt to impress nerds, not because the mask fell off, but as an actual unveiling. So yeah, I think the secret face is really cool...

  2. Friginator says:

    Okay, I'm lost here. Can someone tell me (a non-MOTU nerd), what's so surprising about the face? Just that you can see it?

    Also---Jack Kirby Aztec Catfish? Great band name.

    • Mysterious Stranger says:

      The head was a "mystery" accessory like the second set of faces for Man-E-Faces. It was intended as a surprise for collectors and honestly I think it was for the most part. Although there were images of a test shot from China out there in the "cloud" so I knew what the secret head looked like well before the figure shipped. Still, a pretty cool idea. I just wish they had gone with a different paint scheme. As is, the paint really detracts from the sculpt. If they had gone a, shall we say, more obvious route and matched it up to another similar part then I think it would look a lot better. And I painted up one of mine in just that way.

      • yo go re says:

        And also, Horde Prime on the old cartoon was a lot like Dr. Claw on Inspector Gadget: you never saw his face, so having it revealed at all is pretty impressive...

  3. monkey boy says:

    i snuck a peek at some site that showed the secret head long before the figure came out...gotta say, pretty underwhelming. i imagine if i had really cared about it, it would have been even more underwhelming if i had stayed away from the leaks and actually unveiled it when i got the figure.

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