ATFC '13 - Day 1: Hasbro

So, thanks to the blizzard that hit New York last night, we were unable to provide you with the streaming Toy Fair coverage we hoped for. But we did have a photographer there, so you can see the entire showroom photo dump right here. For info about the presentation (and a few select photos), keep reading.


  • 30th Anniversary line, very 1984 focused. Toy designs will match IDW comics.
  • Masterpiece Soundwave will be released in the US, and will come with all five tapes.
  • New size: Titan Class. The biggest TF ever - 24" tall Metroplex.
  • Metroplex has articulated eyes, is compatible with Legends Class vehicles. $125 MSRP.
  • Return of triple-changers - Springer and Blitzwing.

Star Trek

  • Kre-O sets - new and classic. Blind-bagged figures.

GI Joe

  • Kwinn and Data-Viper.
  • Budo
  • "Ultimate" Storm Shadow (based on Renegades mold) and Cobra Commander (with both hood and helmet/mask).
  • Eagle Hawk helicopter - modern update of Tomahawk.

 photo DSC_0108_zps0430d2ea.jpg  photo DSC_0102_zps8021282b.jpg

Star Wars

  • Gentle Giant is sculpting the 6" figures.
  • SDCC exclusive is Boba Fett w/ Han in Carbonite
  • Basic line dropping to $5.99 and 5 POA.
  • Articulated 4" figures will also be put under the "Black Series" name.


  • "Wolverine Legends" to tie in with film. 6" Phoenix Five Cyclops, Emma Frost, Sabertooth, Rogue. Puck as BAF.
  • Marvel Legends: Scarlet Spider, Black Panther, Jean Grey (AoA variant), Hawkeye (modern/Dark), Bulldozer/Wrecker, White Phoenix. BAF Rocket Raccoon.

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One Response to ATFC '13 - Day 1: Hasbro

  1. Black Arbor says:

    Y'know what? I'm kind of tired of Marvel Legends.I mean, even disregarding the fact that the distribution and running changes are a joke, and the fact that they seem more obsessed with one shot costumes and newer looks (which I'm not opposed to, but there are more upper-tier characters to be made, and I'd hardly call white Iron Fist or Phoenix force Cyclops "legends"), But it seems like I can never expect the same level of quality across the board. They have scale issues, poor use of parts (like how they're using that piss-poor female body on Phoenix, then show off Emma Frost and Rogue on the new one),good sculpts with crap sculpts, wonky articulation, etc... That's what I like about the DC Classics and its sister lines: they're all sculpted by the 4H, so you know they'll be good, and while Mattel has had a few scale and distribution issues, they're nowhere near as bad as hasbro.

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