ATFC '13 - Day 4: DC Direct

All the big, beautiful photos are right here.

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4 Responses to ATFC '13 - Day 4: DC Direct

  1. jestergoblin says:

    Really interested in the Hush re-releases... provided DC can find the original molds. I was told those went missing by a rep yesterday and the figures on display were just the old Hush line.

  2. Friginator says:

    Jor-El is so hilariously sad looking.

    REALLY hoping "Joe's Garage" is painted onto the back of that Joker figure. Swamp Thing also has me sold, but is anyone actually going to spend $100 on Solomon Grundy, regardless of the chest-opening feature?

  3. Black Arbor says:

    Man, I can't wait for the Joe's Garage Joker. They should make a variant with a removable face. Just sucks that they never explained the Garage jumpsuit in the comics... And I seriously can't believe we're getting a figure of everyone's favorite Latino stereotype, Vibe.

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