GI Joe and the Transformers #7

In today's review of the Jetfire Skystriker set, we said that the packaging was styled like a comicbook, pretending that the GI Joe and the Transformers comic ran for more than four issues. And just like last year, we wanted to show you the story on the back.

SNAKE-EYES and BLUDGEON are engaged in a fierce SWORD fight.

1. CAPTION: Snake-Eyes Battle Bludgeon!
2. CAPTION: While Baroness and Ravage flee with the stolen activation codes!

SNAKE-EYES and BLUDGEON'S SWORDS crash together.

JETFIRE streaks through the SKY, trailing SMOKE behind him.

1. CAPTION: Jetfire fli[unreadable] to stop the [unreadable] plan to br[unreadable] Alpha Ba[unreadable] over th[unreadable].


1. BARONESS: We must flee!

BLASTER and HOUND square off with RAVAGE.

1. CAPTION: The end...?

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One Response to GI Joe and the Transformers #7

  1. OAFE says:

    Due to the placement of Hound on the back of the box, the caption in Panel 3 is mostly obscured. Through context clues, we can get the basic idea though.

    The plot of GI Joe and the Transformers centered around Power Station Alpha, a mobile nuclear power plant, so that's probably what "Alpha Ba(se)" refers to. And clearly, Jetfire "fli(es)."

    The other missing terms really depend on how big the obscured caption box is: the sentence could be as short as "Jetfire flies to stop the plan," or it could be expanded, like "Jetfire flies quickly to stop the Baroness's evil plan." The plan could be to "br(eak into)" Alpha Base, or maybe "br(ing) Alpha Ba(se crashing down)."

    What do you think the caption says?

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