Skeleton Warriors return!!!

The AWESOME folks over at October Toys are not only branching out into the world of articulated action figures, and of licensing, they're doing it by bringing back the cultishly beloved property Skeleton Warriors!

They're launching with two figures: evil leader Baron Dark and a basic skeleton, the latter available in both bone color AND glow-in-the-dark! The figures will be in 3¾" scale, which means some figures will be taller (for instance Baron Dark is 5") and they are Glyos compatible meaning swapability will abound! As part of the Kickstarter they even have an exclusive Glyos Pheydon figure with unique bone-y parts and, what I'm told, is his first ever hand-to-hand weapon: an axe.

Skeletons are awesome! Action figures are awesome! October Toys is awesome! This is a Kickstarter definitely worth supporting!!!

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One Response to Skeleton Warriors return!!!

  1. yo go re says:

    I'm not sure that "Gylos compatible" is a big selling point. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it (I suppose), but proclaiming it from the mountaintops isn't going to be the thing that sends this one over the top.

    And why the heck would you make the we've-all-been-waiting-for-her-since-1994 female character the LAST stretch goal to unlock?

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