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Rustin's Spoils of the Week #207

Well, it's the common-calendar year of Two-Thousand and Eighteen, and this week is the annual nexus of pop culture what is San Diego Comic-Con International, more colloquially known by the abbreviant: SDCC!!! To celebrate, lets take a jump back to … Continue reading

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Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Kickstarter

Remember the first Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter? It's time for round 2! This time we're getting Grimskull, the half-possessed prince who was helping the bad guys, then changed his mind and fought for the side of good. There are still skeleton … Continue reading

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The unproduced Skeleton Warriors dragon

Remember years ago when we showed you this bad boy? Shame it never became real, right? And now, some more OAFEry:Transformers BotBots Wasabi Breath review Rustin's Spoils of the Week #200 The Brick-Changer Transformers BotBots Sour Wing & Aday reviews … Continue reading

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Skeleton Warriors return!!!

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Sculpting Toys with Scott Hensey

Scott Hensey, owner of Anaglyph Sculptures, has been sculpting action figures, toys and statues for over 30 years. In fact, chances are you have one of his toys in your home (or up in your parents attic). Scott has worked … Continue reading

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A video from Toy Fair in 1994

In today's review of Skeleton Warriors: Baron Dark, yo said that the line came out at Toy Fair '94. Well here, straight from Playmates' showroom, is that presentation: You can keep watching to see some other forgotten toylines, but the … Continue reading

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Dem bones, dem dry bones

I suffered some extreme toy-related disappointment over the weekend. After having a resurgent interest in more colorful, cartoony figures (a la MOTU), I became interested in the Skeleton Warriors, a forgotten Playmates Toys line from 1994. This was between Playmates' … Continue reading

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On the failure of Skeleton Warriors

In today's review of Skeleton Warriors Aracula, yo briefly mentioned that the line floundered at retail and was ultimately unsuccessful. But why? Skeleton Warriors debuted in 1994, to much acclaim. An article in the Chicago Tribune explained that tv executives … Continue reading

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