The unproduced Skeleton Warriors dragon

Remember years ago when we showed you this bad boy?

Shame it never became real, right?

Well, at this weekend's DesignerCon, the original model was on display:

You really want to click to embiggen that!

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2 Responses to The unproduced Skeleton Warriors dragon

  1. Paul Carter says:

    So is this toy line coming back?
    I'd really like to buy one of those dragons! 🙂

    • Hursticon says:

      G'day - Maybe I can help? 🙂

      Head here to the October Toys website:

      There you can checkout the discussion about the new Skeleton Warriors toys via their forums and you can also head to their webstore and purchase your own 20th Anniversary: Baron Dark figure &/or "Glow in The Dark" Titan Skeleton.

      I too am very hopeful that the Bone Dragon "Morgor" gets made eventually too! 😉

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