Horror Classics Mystery Minis - An American Werewolf in London review

We're reviewing Horror Classics Mystery Minis for October, and you thought I wasn't going to do the werewolf?

This Mini is based on An American Werewolf in London, John Landis' 1981 monster movie. With creature effects by Rick Baker (he left work on The Howling to do this film), AAWiL was the first movie to ever earn the Oscar for Best Makeup. And yet the original plan was to leave the wolf an unseen, off-camera presence for most of the film - it was only after Landis saw Baker's designs that he decided to shoot more scenes with the wolf visible, because it was just so cool.

Rather than going with a mid-transformation David, or a zombie Jack, or even a hallucination monster (like some companies would do), Funko went right for the wolf. He's gray and shaggy and stands on all fours, in exactly the same pose as the lifesize prop you could buy (which presumably means it's from some point in the film). The fur is done in large chunks, suiting the Mystery Minis' deformed style, and his mouth is open to bite. Honestly, the face looks better on this toy than it did in the movie - this is just a cool little wolf figure.

The Werewolf is one of the 1:24 figures, meaning he's not in every case, and since the release of Horror Classics Mystery Minis Series 2 predated @funko_layout, it took me a long time to find him.

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5 Responses to Horror Classics Mystery Minis - An American Werewolf in London review

  1. Wolf says:

    Great figure. I ended up just caving and buying mine on eBay -- I ended up with three Nick Frosts trying to find him the old fashioned way...need one?

    • yo go re says:

      Ha! I think I *also* ended up with three Nick Frosts. I have one, I was able to trade one away for a Crow, and I'm pretty sure there was a third at one point, as well. I mean, I like Shaun of the Dead, but he was WAY too easy to find.

      Fun fact: while trying to figure out which Mystery Minis to review this October, I considered doing Shaun/Ed together, as a chance to get more figures covered - like Alien and Predator or the Firefly ones...

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