Lego Batman Minifigures: Lobster-Lovin' Batman review

Mini-Figure Mini-Reviews

There's a Lego Batman movie on the horizon (named, appropriately enough, Lego Batman), and since I'm the only one around here who seems to care about Lego, it's my proud responsibility to take a look at some of the toys. The real sets will have to wait - I haven't seen any of them in stores, yet - but I was at my local Asian market and what should they have but the new movie Minifigures series! (Technically the release date is January 1, but as you can tell by this being late November, this particular vendor is at best ambivalent about streets dates, as well as a few other minor legalities we shall see later.) The price has gone up a dollar, $5.99 now vs. $4.99 for the 2016 releases, but I looked at the side of the carton and saw how many female figures there were and knew I would be getting them regardless. There are just too many interesting characters who won't be in any of the larger sets. There are 20 characters in the lineup, and 60 in a case. Happily for collectors, it's an even packing, with no chases to worry about. I squeezed bags enough to make sure I wasn't getting any duplicates, and will be gracing you, our readers, with some "mini" reviews of these Minifigures.

We'll begin with the first figure shown on the included checklist, one of many "joke" Batmen to be had in this line (both now and in the upcoming sets): "Lobster-Lovin' Batman".

Who needs company? Not Batman™, that's for sure! A big empty mansion, a comfy robe, and a microwaved lobster dinner-for-one make the perfect meal for a Dark Knight dining on his own. It's probably what all of the billionaire playboy crime-fighting vigilante Master Builder Super Heroes are eating tonight!

It's fitting he'd be #1, since he was also one of the first variations shown to the public, via the original teaser trailer. It's Batman, freshly home from a night of crimefighting, relaxing in his robe (and mask) and eating the lobster thermidor Alfred left for him. The cowl is removable, though it leaves us with the same white stripe on Bruce's forehead we've always had. The robe has a detailed pattern on it, and is open enough to expose a glimpse Bruce's muscular torso. The lobster is an adorable new piece, and in a fine attention to detail, the included plate is painted with a bed of greens and some melted butter.

Obviously "Hugh Hefner" Batman wasn't my highest priority in this series, but I am a fan of his pointless, silly design, and I love the extras. Beyond that, the ability to use this body to make "casual" versions of nearly any character you want is appealing. Just wait until I get a Joker!

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