Lego Batman Minifigures: March Harriet review

I know you've all been expecting some girls, so here's Minifigure #17, March Harriet.

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Harriet Pratt might have spent her whole life as a small-time grifter and swindler if she hadn't been recruited to join the Mad Hatter's Wonderland Gang. Now she gets to dress up like a rabbit and commit crimes with a way higher profile. She may not have any special powers of her own, but this hare-raising villain is still a crack shot with a tommy gun!

Created by Paul Dini in Detective Comics #841, this is Harriet's first appearance in outside media. At least, I presume she'll be in the movie; seems a waste to create Minifigures of characters who we won't be seeing at the cinema in a few months, doesn't it? In the comics, she wears a tan cocktail dress, dark leggings, and tigh-high boots (yes, please!), and has a pair of bunny ears on her head. So sort of like a more modest Playboy bunny. Lego already had a bunny-ear hood from previous Minifigure series, so that's reused here. Unless you know she's supposed to be wearing a dress, however, the printing on her legs ends up looking more like a corset and garters. Having her bowtie conceal her cleavage keeps this family friendly. The brown panels on her forearms are supposed to be part of her gloves, not a separate element like they're painted here. Her ears and Tommy gun are easy to feel in the bag.

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