Lego Batman Minifigures: Fairy Batman review

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He's here to grant your wish... for dance! To become the world's greatest superhero, Batman had to train to master every skill. EVERY skill. He's not just the best at martial arts and building brick inventions, but at ballet dancing too. In fact, the Dark Knight has found that all of that ballet practice has really improved his balance, coordination and leg strength - all useful skills for fighting crime!

The Lego Batman movie is still not opened here in Australia, but I feel I can confidently say, without fear of contradiction from those who live in parts of the world that don't have to wait for its release, that this is a major costume Batman wore for the bulk of the film. Look, if Batgirl can dress in pink, so can Bruce! Obviously this is one I was looking forward to, just for foolishness reasons. The fact he's wearing a pale pink leotard and tutu over his black Batsuit is a gas, then he's got dark trans pink wings and wand to complete the dress. The cowl is molded in pink, and his belt and ballet shoes are a darker shade. The unimpressed little mouth is a cute expression for him, too.

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