Lego Batman Minifigures: Orca review

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Dr. Grace Balin was a marine biologist who worked at Gotham City Aquarium until she experimented on herself with killer whale genes. The experiment transformed her body, giving her incredible strength and swimming ability as the super-villainous Orca. It will take more than a diving suit to help Batman defeat this criminal cetacean, because she's no friendly dolphin!

You know I love a good female Bat-willain, especially when nobody knows who she is. This minifigure uses the "Shark Suit" cap from Series 15, just done in black and given white apps for the teeth and the spots over the red eyes. She has flippers instead of arms, and since the original mold was meant to be a bloke in a mascot suit, where his face was visible through the mouth, Orca's actual head is done up with a big tongue and uvula. What a choice! Feeling that big sharky backblock in the bag makes it easy to find her.

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