The Spider-Verse Spider-Men

We've talked a few times about all the different Spideys (or "Spider Totems," as the villains referred to them) who appeared in Marvel's 2014 Spider-Verse crossover. And we know that a lot of fans are following Shocka's lead in building a collection based on the story, but what all should be in it?

The story promised "every Spider-Man ever" and pretty much delivered on that - even Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield joined the fight! So honestly, any Spider-Man toy at all could conceivably fit in your display, but we want to be a little more specific.

Additionally, many Spider-Men were killed before they could be recruited to the Spider-Army, including:

There are also a few others who do have toys, but only in the old 5" line. And there are still a ton of cool designs that could be made into toys in the future!

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