Spawn comes to Kickstarter

Yes, Toddy Mac's long-simmering plan to Kickstart the return of Spawn figures is finally here, and it's being done in the most overblown, excessive way imaginable, with too much packaging, lots of variants, and a few questionable choices along the way.

A breakdown on the Kickstarter's page implies the articulation will be as good as we're starting to expect from the modern McFarlane Toys, even if the current prototypes don't show it.

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2 Responses to Spawn comes to Kickstarter

  1. yo go re says:

    Big missed opportunity to not make this video in the style of those old "Garth Marenghi"-esque intros from the HBO cartoon...

  2. I'm annoyed the non-autographed version doesn't include the board with a nail in it.
    Why is the shipping so high even for USA?

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