X-Men Legends: House of X Charles Xavier review

Xavier reveals his master plan... one that will bring mutants out of humankind's shadow and once again into the light.

Yes, but it's not really his idea, is it now? It's Moira's. The entire enterprise is Moira's idea, developed over the course of nine lifetimes. She's spent this life subtly nudging Chuck to be less idealistic and more pragmatic, efforts that finally culminated after his death and resurrection, when he accepted that the best path to peaceful coexistence between human and mutantkind was if all mutants could come together on common ground, united under one flag and for one cause: forming their own parallel society.

Xavier uses the smaller superarticulated body, done in solid black. That matches how he's seen in House of X, a skinny dude in a dance leotard. He's wearing his portable Cerebro unit, because he's always wearing it: the comic goes out of its way to never show us his face in the modern scenes, leaving the impression that something's up. It does look like The Maker, the evil version of Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe, which is pretty suspicious. The helmet has a blue X-shaped visor, and wires running around the back like Logan's Weapon X headgear.

The set includes a second head, but it's not for him. Yes, it's still Professor Xavier, but it's not for him. How many times must we say this! HoX/PoX Charles Xavier never takes his Cerebro off, and this head doesn't have one. So what's it for? The alternate head's eyes are closed, and a clear plastic effect is plugged into the back of his head, showing his psychic powers in action; given that the powers are depicted as a series of concentric ovals, it's clear this is intended to go with the pseudo-Animated Professor X. Neat! The alternate "pointing" hands are for this figure, though, because they're the same black.

He also includes the right arm of this series' Tri-Sentinel Build-A-Figure.

Is there really something shady going on with Xavier in the current X-Men books, or is the story simply framing him that way to make us uneasy? Don't know yet, but the toy will be ready for either outcome.

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6 Responses to X-Men Legends: House of X Charles Xavier review

  1. ADD says:

    This is Charles Xavier's mind in the body of Fantomex, as the comics made clear.

  2. ADD says:

    My point was this is why he doesn't take off the helmet, as mentioned in the review.

    • yo go re says:

      It might be, but the story doesn't say that, or even vaguely imply it. For instance: the only time he's not wearing it is right before his big mental broadcast to the world, when he's alone with Moira and Magneto; you could clearly make the claim that they both know he's in a Fantomex body, so he doesn't need to hide from them (and that he doesn't want to waste the mental power making everyone else see him as Charles when he's just out walking around), but like it says, the comic goes out of its way to obscure his face even then. There's no reason to keep his head off-panel in that scene UNLESS you're hiding it by choice, and thus the Fantomex thing is not what's going on...

  3. Jonathan Hickman says "The Xavier we saw in HOX/POX and up to X-Force #1 was the Astonishing Xavier. Post resurrection is Charles in Charles’s body. We’ve drawn him ever so slightly skinnier.
    But, you know, not for long, Chuck is working out."

    Since this Xavier uses the same lower face as the older Xavier, it's not HOX/POX accurate but is fine for reenacting subsequent stories. Unless it turns out Hickman was flat out lying like when Marvel had a "dead means dead" policy.

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