Dungeons & Dragons: Elkhorn evolution

As usual, Elkhorn's 1983 Shady Dragon Inn profile:

ELKHORN™ Good Dwarf Fighter is hefty (4'2", 175 lbs.), black-haired and full- bearded. He is nearly as broad as he is tall. His gilded helmet is set with three rubies and bears two long horns in the viking style. ELKHORN's magical sword is set with a huge ruby which glows when he is within 25' of gold. ELKHORN joined in the search for the Heartstone, and seems unchanged by it, perhaps because of his dwarven abilities, or perhaps because dwarves are immune to the stone. He is friends with PERALAY, and takes the elf's side in all arguments, despite the fact that the friends quarrel constantly.

...and his 2021 update:

Elkhorn has been Strongheart's most stalwart companion over the years - unflinchingly loyal, tirelessly optimistic, and fiercly devoted to the destruction of evil in all its forms. He's not especially bright, so he fights with his heart rather than his wits. Age has drained much of the strength from Elkhorn's body. Strongheart has urged Elkhorn to retire, but the old dwarf stubbornly refuses to do so.

Since NECA was using that text, it would have been interesting if they'd taken more cues from that art, as well.

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