Final Faction: Kharn Venom Synthoid exclusive review

As we informed you in the Rumbler review, the Kharn are getting "Venom" repaints as a way to refresh the characters and reuse the molds. Let's take a quick look at the redone Synthoid.

The Kharn have very advanced technology that are autonomous, have a synthetic biology, and are highly intelligent. Synthoids are used in all Kharn operations, similar to the Final Faction ACRM, and they are not to be underestimated.

This is, unsurprisingly, the same mold as the normal figure, just done in new colors - you know, the same basic idea as when GI Joe would do Tiger Force, Night Force, Marauders, Sky Patrol, Python Patrol... they really had a lot of those, didn't they? Anyway, the Venom Kharn are molded in solid black, with red paint for its bundled eyes, and green speckled on the legs and covering the port in the center of its chest.

The back of the card lists the Synthoid's weapon of choice as the Azhorra arm from the Evolution pack (though spells it with one R instead of two). Its green does match the paint on this toy's thighs and feet very nicely, which means the Wythrym wings would also be suitable, if not for the pale gray plugs that hold them in place. There are no Venom-specific accessory packs so far, but reused molds mean the only hurdle in the way of you using the existing ones is whether you're bothered by the colors changing suddenly.

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