Hot Wheels Character Cars Aang and Appa reviews

It's been a long time since we've reviewed any Character Cars, huh? I almost wondered if they'd stopped making them. But geeze, what a great way to come back!

Nickelodeon had its first Character Cars all the way back in 2013, with an entire series of SpongeBob SquarePants Hot Wheels. It then took until 2020 for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to get their turn, but fortunately it was not a seven-year wait before another Viacom property stepped into the spotlight: Avatar the Last Airbender.

Mattel was the first company to have the Avatar toy license when the show premiered, and they completely crapped the bed. Honestly one of the worst efforts ever seen by any company with any license. Anyway, Mattel is also the home of Hot Wheels, so this is like they're getting a chance to make up for past blunders. The Aangmobile was designed by Dwayne Vance, who seems to have use a Porsche as inspiration - the silhouette of the car looks like Jazz.

The body of the car is orange, with yellow fenders - in other words, it stands in for the orange shawl Aang wears over his yellow robes. The lower frame of the car is brown, like Aang's staff, and Air Nomad symbols are painted in white on both doors. The rear spoiler has a folded fan shape, like the tail of his glider. The roof of the car is also a pale yellow; the big blue arrow painted up there makes it clear this is supposed to be his head, so having it be so close to the color of the fenders instead of a more distinct pink/tan shade is odd. The rear luggage rack or whatever it's meant to be is off-white with a brown pattern between its big ears: Momo is riding on Aang's back!

Boy, what a neat set. If only there was another release to go with it...

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