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This week in comicshops - 07/27

Find out what toy-related items you can get at your local comicshop this Wednesday.

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GI Joe Renegades - it was all a dream?

The great GI Joe: Renegades wrapped up its first season this past weekend, and right now it's not clear whether or not there will ever be a Season 2. Even if there isn't, this series was still tops! If you … Continue reading

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SDCC 2011 - Day 4, Sunday

Sunday began just as predicted and feared: with all needed exclusives being sold out. And now, some more OAFEry:Transformers vs. GI Joe #0 review Transformers BotBots Skillz Punk review Episode 9 spoilers Transformers Collectors' Club gets mad about knock off … Continue reading

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DC Universe Classics 17: Star Sapphire Wonder Woman review

Wonder Woman has always been a warrior and a peacemaker. After Nekron seized control of her, converting Wonder Woman into one of his Black Lanterns, a Violet Power Ring found her and severed her connection to the forces of death. … Continue reading

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SDCC 2011 - the Avengers revealed

All weekend long, Marvel has been releasing Avengers posters at their booth. Today they released the final one, showing an artistic concept of what the movie's Hulk will look like. The seven posters join together to form one giant image, … Continue reading

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SDCC 2011 - Day 3, Saturday

Saturday, O Saturday. You used to be the most dreaded day of the con, but now thanks to the massive siphoning power of A-List panels and their three-hour lines you are now just another day. And now, some more OAFEry:Minimate … Continue reading

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SDCC 2011 - Behind the Plastic panel

One of the familiar highlights of the last decade have been Julius Marx's toy industry panels. This year was another strong lineup featuring: Jesse Falcon, Jason Lenzi, Scott Neitlich, Mike Schultz, David Vonner, Chuck Terceira and Jean St.Jean. As always … Continue reading

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SDCC 2011 - Hasbro: Marvel

Directly following Minimates is the Hasbro panel for Marvel! Too damn cool!!! A ton of love for Marvel Legends in the room, as well as the lineup reveals for Wave 2 of 2012 Marvel Legends & Universe And now, some … Continue reading

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SDCC 2011 - Minimate Panel

A SDCC classic, the Minimates Panel is always something I look forward to, though it rarely offers anything unexpected. This year we have the omnipresent Chuck Terceira joined by Jason Wires, Digger Mesch and new DST Marketing guy Zach Oat. … Continue reading

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SDCC 2011 - Day 2, Friday

Friday began not with a bang but with a whimper. And now, some more OAFEry:Rustin's Spoils of the Week #139 Soon Forget: MotU Minis Series 2 Hasbro's SDCC exclusives revealed (finally) MotU Minis: Stratos & Scareglow reviews More toys shilling … Continue reading

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