All 42 Iron Man movie armors

  1. Mark I
  2. Mark II
  3. Mark III
  4. Mark IV
  5. Mark V
  6. Mark VI
  7. Mark VII
  8. Mark VIII
  9. Mark IX
  10. Mark X
  11. Mark XI
  12. Mark XII
  13. Mark XIII
  14. Mark XIV
  15. Sneaky - the Stealth Suit's primary function is sensor invisibility. The Stealth suit is virtually invisible to enemy early-warning systems. Finally, a chrome colored coating on the armor darkens or lightens to match the environment, making the suit harder to see from a distance.
  16. Nightclub - the Black Stealth Suit version has similar abilities as Sneaky. But this one is more agile and not as weaponized aside from the basics: repulsors and chest unibeam. It's more suited for stealth missions that require hand-to-hand battles.
  17. Heartbreaker - the focus of the Artillery-Level RT Suit is the oversized chest RT, which is capable of firing quick beams at normal strength or charging up and firing a more powerful blast. The aperture on the RT allows the shape of the blast to be adjusted from a narrow, straight beam to a wider angle, like the spray on a hose. The suit can also generate a repulsor shield to protect it against various projectiles and explosives.
  18. Casanova - Stealth Artillery-Level RT Suit
  19. Tiger - High-Velocity Prototype Suit
  20. Python - Long-Distance Suit
  21. Midas - High-Altitude Suit
  22. Hot Rod - War Machine 2.0 Prototype
  23. Shades - Extreme-Heat Suit
  24. Tank - Heavy-Combat Suit
  25. Striker - another help in the mansion's renovations was the Heavy-Construction Suit, the brawn of the bunch. The armor is sure to take a pounding and can withstand high temperatures and electrical surges. It can take a barrage of hits, flying debris, and explosions without flinching or losing sight of its target. Uses its powerful jackhammer-like arms to pulverize or break any material, especially rock and reinforced concrete.
  26. Gamma Heavy-Construction Suit Upgrade
  27. Disco - Chameleon Suit
  28. Jack - Radiation Suit
  29. Fiddler - Nimble-Construction Suit
  30. Blue Steel - Enhanced Energy Suit Prototype
  31. Piston - High-Velocity Centurion Suit
  32. Romeo Enhanced-RT Suit
  33. Silver Centurion - the Enhanced Energy Suit has all the normal functions of other armors. Also has a slight protective force field that allows the armor to either attract or repulse items via magnetic polarity. The wrist guards slide back to reveal a pulse cannon that fires slow-moving, high-energy discharges. These build in intensity as they fly, doing more damage the farther they travel.
  34. Southpaw Disaster-Rescue Suit Prototype
  35. Red Snapper - the Disaster-Rescue Suit specializes in heavy-duty jobs in dangerous places. The key feature of this suit is the extendable arms with claws at the ends that can rotate. The claws have powerful RT blasters that can destroy whatever they are grasping. The claw RTs can also focus the repulsor energy into a sphere and then fire it. The slow-moving energy sphere will explode on impact. Due to the suit's increased size and armor, it is not as agile as the others and has very limited flight ability.
  36. Peacemaker - Riot-Control Suit
  37. Hammerhead - the Deep Sea Suit's heavy-duty, reinforced exterior can withstand extreme pressure, and its high-power work lights on the helmet ensure adequate illumination at murky depths.
  38. Igor - the dense behemoth of a suit wasn't made for battle. It was created for the sole purpose of heavy lifting, which has been quite helpful in the construction of the Stark mansion wine cellar. The Heavy-Lifting Suit was designed to be structurally bent forward to leverage its body weight. This allows it to carry things that have quadruple the mass of the suit. What appears to be armor plating was not meant for protection, but rather as a solid foundation for carrying heavy loads without causing stress on the pistons and inner workings of the suit.
  39. Gemini - after his otherworldly journey through the Chitauri portal in New York, Tony Stark decided to create a suit that could withstand that type of travel, should it ever occur again. The Sub-Orbital Suit has an integrated but removable booster pack as well as zero-gravity maneuvering thrusters placed around the suit. The armor is covered in heat- and radiation-resistant materials.
  40. Shotgun - the High-Velocity Suit is designed for one thing: hypersonic speed. The suit's main feature is the ability to lock to a tight, streamlined shape that blends arms and legs into a single form while in flight mode. Large air intakes allow for speeds in excess of Mach 5. Despite its overall vulnerability, it does feature fully functional RT defenses, and the razor-thin retractable forearm panels could, under pressure, be used as effective blade weapons. Its lighter weight and speed, however, still make evasive maneuver its most effective defense.
  41. Bones - the black and gold Skeleton Suit is a light and agile shadow of a full Iron Man suit. Bones is the core of what would be a finished Stark design. Created with speed and maneuverability in mind, without the extra layers of armor, the suit can move much faster on the ground than the other suits. The suit in general feels more flexible than the others due to its unfinished nature. The key feature of the suit is that other pieces of armor can attach to it. Indentations and open areas in the suit make for interlocking pieces to fit into place and function seamlessly.
  42. Mark XLII

Now why didn't we get toys of all those?

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