Rustin's Spoils of the Week #185

Minimapocalypse... Legomageddon... and the doom what is NECAttack! We ventured once before beyond the veil of National Entertainment Collectibles America had to offer in the way of action figure-y goodness, so join me once more for a return to it in... SON OF NECATTACK!!!

NECA - Aliens: "Alien" Xenomorph (Walmart Version)
I had passed on the regular release of the new Alien Xeno because (a) I already had the previous one NECA released and this didn't seem like an appreciable improvement and (b) the new one's dome was soooooo bright white, which seems/feels/looks wildly inaccurate. However, I decided I kind of wanted one after seeing how many other Alien figures they're doing and then the re-released one for Walmart had the white in the dome toned down, so... the hunt was on! It was a really tough figure to find since it's in Walmart through a vendor and not the chain-proper so it's up by checkout and not on the toy aisle, and the Christmas crowds had pretty much evaporated it but I was able to find one in the mid-west come January, so bully for me. It's a nice sculpt with plenty of articulation, though its top-heavy design with spindly legs renders him tough to keep standing just like the other Xenos. His feet look balljointed and as a result I can confirm they are NOT since the right foot just snapped right off, revealing a basic swivel joint. Le sigh. We have had TONS of Xeno's from the first movie over the years and this doesn't really do anything to revolutionize the market (it's just more of the same) but I am pleased to have one in the same style/scale as all the other NECA Alien figures.

NECA - Aliens: "Aliens" Ripley
Now HERE is a figure we have all been waiting a reeeeeeally long time for - Aliens Ripley! It's a good figure and everything we've come to expect from NECA. It is kind of odd, though, that this figure uses plastic for skin tone while the Alien Ripley used paint. It kind of makes it feel like a different character here. And the skin is un-dyed so it lacks that usually more life-look appearance on figures like Dutch, which given how sweaty and dirty she is at the of the movie would have been perfectly justifiable, so the detail in the likeness, etc., don't stand out very well. She comes with the machine gun/flame thrower combo she puts together, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the strap over her shoulder in a way where she can still hold the gun. The guns are technically a new piece, complete with sculpted on tape at the back end, but they seem to be the same sculpts as previous releases. Overall it's a good figure, but better/more/dirtier paint throughout, but especially the skin, could have made it great.

NECA - Aliens: Envirionmental Suit Amanda Ripley
I have virtually no familiarity with the game Alien Isolation from which these three figures are derived but they sure look neat and I do love the Alien Universe! This figure is a pretty solid repaint of Kane, and though the all-yellow "armor" makes logical sense it's not as appealing as the bronze-y stuff on the movie suits. We get also get the two-part removable helmet and a cool, new little space-pistol. Amanda, of course, gets a new head, too - sans hugger of face. I always kinda hated the idea of Ripley having a daughter but I will admit that it makes for a good set-up/protagonist for this "1.5"-quel.

NECA - Aliens: Jumpsuit Amanda Ripley
This is a surprisingly cool figure. She's just a new head and new arms on Alien Ripley's body, but the rolled up sleeves and headset really make this a bit more dynamic, and, of course, the different jumpsuit color goes a long way too. She comes with the same flamethrower as Ripley and a new, really neat, motion tracker plus a cool duffle bag. It is kind of odd that the bag is solid, hard-ish plastic and, moreso, that there are three loops with equal diameter holes in them - are unreleased accessories meant to fit in there? I certainly don't know. What I do now, though, is that is my favorite human figure in the line since the Marines and I whole-heartedly recommend her.

NECA - Aliens: "Isolation" Xenomorph
Man... NECA Xenomorphs... you also look so cool but it's also so hard to keep you standing. This comes with the same stand/base that the Dog Alien did but I still can't seem to make any sense of it... the arm is too short to reach this guy's waist or even rump but it can sort of support the back of the thighs... The bigger issue that the joints from the waist down are so loose he just seems to collapse under the top-heavy weight regardless of pose. The legs are really the only difference between this fellow and the classic Big Chap. He now has "dog legs" with the bent back "second knee," with the new shin and foot replacing the foot on the original figure. So... it's not that great of a figure, but at least it's "the thought that counts," I suppose, by including the stand for him. And really, if you get the other figures, or just collect Xenos you're gonna get this guy regardless of his stability issues.

NECA - Batman: 7" Batman (Adam West)
Woohoo! It was such an amazing surprise when NECA got out three different 7" DC figures! It took a long time for me to find this guy, but ultimately he's been the easiest to score after the holidays. This figure is pretty much everything you'd want and expect from NECA and, obiviously, much much better than the Mattel one. What IS surprising, though, is that this is a different sculpt that the Quarter Scale figure! Not only does it replace the double-hinged elbows and upper bicep swivel of that figure with a standard balljointed elbow, this figure also has a weird vertical-line patterning on all the gray parts. As a fan of texturing on figures I kind of dig it but honestly it makes no sense and is weird. The head and likeness, though, are just as great as the 18" figure. This guy comes with two alternate hands, a batarang and a walkie-talkie for ultimate fun. Ultimately, if you only ever have one Adam West Batman in your collection, it should definitely be this one.

NECA - Batman Returns: 18" Penguin (Danny DeVito)
Ho. Lee. Amay. Zing. Fig. Yor. Bat. Man!?!?! You wanna know where it's at? NECA Quarter Scale, apparently, because this figure is INCREDIBLE. The sculpt is phenomenal - so detailed and perfect - and that likeness... oh heavens to betsy did NECA NAIL IT! The hair is part sculpted/painted and part "real" and glue on. I was skeptical of how well that would work, but it turned out really well. The only odd thing, is they're painted or something and tend to be quite firm, so they don't really rest well over the coat. But, man, that coat.... It too is giant and perfect! It's a velvet or felt material with faux fur lining. Paint is used to age the seams and it looks great (but feels weird). He comes with a good amount of accessories, too - a top hat, a removable monocle, a cigarette in holder, an alternate hand for griping the hat AND a half munched on fish. In terms of Q-Scale, that really does seem like a lot. Like the hair, I was also a bit dubious of how well the monocle and cigarette would work with the head, and there is indeed a peghole near the eye and in the mouth for them, but in such dark regions you'd only really notice them if you were looking for them. That's definitely one of the benefits of the larger size of this scale! I know we'd all prefer this figure at 6" or 7" size, but... I LOVE Danny-DeVito-Penguin and this figure is essentially perfection, so I'm happy with it as is!

NECA - Commando: John Matrix
Whose got two thumbs and has never seen Commando? But I totally get that it's an '80s classic, plus this figure is just too cool to pass on. I'm pretty sure he's just a repaint of Dutch from Predator, but that makes perfect sense. This guy gets a new ammo vest plus two different machine guys, a handgun, a knife and a guldarn rocket launcher with two rockets and an exhaust trail for one of them! I mean... goddamn, son - that's awesome! The rocket launcher is a really unique and fun accessory and I'm a HUGE sucker for "effect" accessories like muzzle flashes and jet exhaust, so... bingo! He doesn't quite hold the launcher as perfectly as I'd hope but I totally get the cost balancing of packing in all the weapons versus not resculpting Dutch's left hand.

NECA - The Dark Knight: 7" Joker
Of the three Warner Bros. Home Video 2015 "exclusives" this is the oddest, at least to me. I totally get Adam West and Chris Reeve but while Ledger Joker is iconic (just ask Jared Leto, who appears to be duplicating it) it's not quite legendary. But, who'd pass on a NECA quality figure of him? He's good; pretty standard fare for NECA in terms of sculpt and articulation. What is kind of strange, though, is that his face is painted white with some tan painted on top to accent the wrinkles... it doesn't look that great and really highlights how contrary to NECA this paint is. They have become masters of replicating pretty screen accurate looks so it's pretty surprising that it's not cast in their "flesh tone" plastic then dirtied up with some black with some light air or dry brushing for the white. After all, Ledger Joker is kind of best known for not being fully made up, thus it's odd he is here. It's also annoying that we don't and likely won't have a Batman to go with him (since NECA did the Batman Begins suit in Quarter Scale rather than the better looking, two-movie-appearing, and paired-with-Joker Dark Knight version. BUT, they apparently have a rule about Batman and Bat-Villains can't ever come from the same movie...). Overall, though, it's a solid figure though not a terribly exciting one.

NECA - Friday the 13th: NES 8-bit Jason Voorhees, Version 2
As someone who has the original 8-bit Jason figure I was bummed when they announced this. Partly because I was no longer as "special" and partly because it is, in every way, better. So, ultimately, I guess that just means the original is just a novel variant of this one. It's effectively the same figure but with the decided benefit of having painted hands, feet, weapons and mask. The original used translucent Glow-in-the-Dark plastic for those elements and, suffice it to say, I was not a fan of that choice. But here the solid light blue really pops against dark blue of the body, as do the white machete blade and axe handle. This version also gets some minimal black line work to help give him that more graphical vibe of the other 8-bit figures. And THEN, he gets a new accessory - Pamela Voorhees' mummified head! It's the same sculpt at the one that came on that great "Shrine" diorama in the old Cult Classics box set. Here's it's perched atop a clear stand, which I guess is game accurate since the back of the box describes it as "Floating Head." And speaking of the box, I would be remiss to mention that it is virtually identical to the orginal's save for a couple minor changes. It does, though, include a fun new feature - a sound chip! When you open the front flap it starts playing an 8-bit music clip, which I presume to be music from the game. Now THAT is a remarkable and fun touch - well played, NECA, well played!

NECA - Godzilla: Godzilla 1954
And here go - the classic, the original, the Gojira! It captures the semi-cartoony look of the original Godzilla pretty well and I am quite tickled that he's painted in gray scale, as per the movie. There's not much different about him, functionally, from the previous Godzillas so, as a very casual fan, I'm really not that sure I'll be getting any more, but you know me... only time can tell. (Time HAS told. Well, I'll go back and change that... with the help of my secret weapons!)

NECA - Home Alone: Kevin McCallister
I mean... come on... NECA, you're too damn amazing and cool. Home Alone. Home FREAKING Alone!!! I generally hate Megos but I was fairly impressed with Super Freddy but moreover, I just had to have any figure from this movie regardless of format. Fortunately though, they actually turned out pretty well since the costumes in the movie are naturally a bit bulky and loose fitting, so it makes sense that they do the same on these dolls. Kevin's outfit looks great and the two heads are pretty good. The screaming head seems to be a better likeness, but how insane is it that they didn't include "cheek slapping" hands!? It's not only the most iconic thing about the movie, it's one of the most iconic images of the '90s, period! And though he does come with alternate hands, they're just of a tighter grip so he can more snuggly hold the bicycle handle bar (something sooooo memorable I don't directly recall it from the movie). He also comes with a length of string to zipline the handlebars on, a cardboard pizza box and a BB gun. Despite the outrageous lack of flat-palm hands (he's got double-hinge elbows meaning he could actually hit that pose!) this is a pretty solid figure. $30 is a bit steep for him but he's a must have if you're into this license.

NECA - Home Alone: Harry Lime
I mean... GOD DAMN, NECA! What kind of likeness voodoo do you do!? These heads are incredible! The angry, burnt head is particularly incredible! Harry here uses what might be a new "mid size" body - shorter than the standard body for this line, but taller than the "kid" body on Kevin. He's also got a bit of a "fat suit" on under the clothes to give him a bit of that Pesci Bulk. The clothes are well tailored and look surprisingly good for the scale. Accessory wise, we've got the alternate head, a crowbar, a Christmas flashlight thingy and a draw-string sack from robbing the McAllisters buh buh buh bliiiiiiiind, dawg.

NECA - Home Alone: Marv Merchants
Marv also comes with a crowbar and draw-string bag, plus an alternate head and a snow globe. The globe is a "thought that counts" type thing since it's solid plastic and lacks an interior sculpt, making more crystal ball than snow globe. The two heads are good, but converse to Harry, Marv's "normal" face is the better of the two - it perfectly captures one of those great, kooky Daniel Stern expressions. Interestingly, the underside of the "battle damage" head on mine isn't painted which reveals these are actually cast in clear plastic! Not sure if that's a result of sharing tooling with the snowglobe or how these all are, but I found that pretty surprising (especially I've always heard that clear plastic is more expensive to produce on action figures).

NECA - Predators: Celtic Predator
Well, Randy finally succumbed to the lack of unmade predators and finally gave those fans begging for them creatures from the infamous AVP! Despite his much expressed hatred of the film and designs, he/NECA went all-the-eff-out and made these the best predator figures yet! Double-balljointed elbows and knees, baby! Articulation every which way! And the paint is equally tight and expressive. I knew I wanted the Elder whenever they make him and felt like I should get another, so I settled on this one since he has those skull-pikes. They're pretty neat accessories, but since this is NECA there's no instructions and it's not clear where they go. I found one tiny clip on his bag so one is in that and the other is wedged between dreadlocks. He also has a collapsed spear (and maybe that fits in the little clip on the back?) and alternate extended/retracted forearm blades and a, what are they calling it - a shuriken? A glaive? And let's not forget how big these suckers are - they're like 8" tall or some crazy thing; bigger than regular predators! So one almost feels obligated to get at least one since you get so much articulation, accessories and bulk for the price. Of course, not all is roses - the articulation is limited by the armor (and really they need a better ankle joint because they're so limited they basically neuter the knee and hip articulation) and once plugged the difference between the forearm blades aren't that remarkable. Still, though, it's quite a neat toy!

NECA - Predators: Kenner Alien & Predator Two-Pack
Aaaaaaaaw yeeeeeeaaaahhhh!!! This thing is great! I just had to get two! I never had the "movie accurate" Kenner two-pack but this homage set is really nice. I quite like the muted colors on Predator, and the all-black (especially the dome) Alien looks killer! Odds are you have the figures, or even repainted multiples by now, but if you follow the Kenner theme NECA has been rocking, this Toys R Us exclusive is a fantastic addition.

NECA - Superman: 7" Superman (Christopher Reeves)
You'll believe dreams can come true! Not only did NECA figure out a way to get Reeves Supes out in 7" I actually managed to find one! I'm sure it was left on the shelf because there is a paint defect on the hair, but I'd far rather have this toy than not - so I'm cool with that paint issue! The sculpt is fan-flippin'-tastic and the likeness is brilliant! I do wish they'd picked a smiling or "nice" expression, since that's more what I associate with Reeves as Superman, but this is NECA so they're always going to err on the side of "bad ass." He comes with alternate hands so you have have fists or palms, or a combination. I just wish they'd used flesh-colored plastic for the joints on the hands, because the blue stripe mid-wrist looks odd. Once again, I just gotta lament how lame it is that Mattel and WB won't sub-license this scale out to NECA.

NECA - Terminator 2: Sarah Conner
Sarah motherfarmin' Connor!!! T2 Sarah is one of my all time favorite movie characters and I am beside myself with glee that NECA finally made her! Don't believe - look at the picture. That's right. Three heads for Sarah Conner? Three figure purchases for Rustin! We get "hair down," "pony tail," and "cap on" heads! Plus she comes with a removable tactical harness, belt, knife, sunglasses, shotgun, handgun and machine gun. This figure is the utter definition of ULTIMATE. The sculpt is great and she's got all the articulation we've come to know and love from NECA. I just wish the face paint was a little bit tighter. Otherwise, this figure is perfection and you'd be mad not to get her!

NECA - Terminator Genisys: Guardian T-800
Yeah, yeah, yeah... Well... I'm a sucker. This figure is fine. It's a nice sculpt with good articulation and nice paint. It's not NECA's fault it's a boring costume from a disappointing movie.

NECA - Terminator Genisys: Pops T-800
"Pops"... heavens to betsy... This is definitely a better T-800 figure than the previous one, if for no other reason than that he comes with some fun alternate pieces (and yeah, I was tempted to get two. But then I saw the movie...). The regular "old Arnold" head is okay, but not great - it doesn't quite look as aged as the man does. The alternate head is neat, at least, because it's got battle damage and the exposed skull. The alternate shoulder plug for a ripped off arm is a fun touch. It does seem like it lessens the figure but is certainly makes for a more unique toy on the shelf. My only real complaint is the awkward posing of the right hand and how is holds the gun - it's just weird.

NECA - Terminator Genisys: T-1000
So, like... what's the deal? Why wasn't this CG-Young Robert Patrick? I mean, this guy has a similar enough cranial/facial structure that it seems like they indeed to mask with him Patrick anyway... but whatevs. For the quality of the final and the amount of screen time this guy has this is actually a fantastic figure! The likeness is good as is the rest of the sculpt and he comes with a bunch of accessories! We get two alternate right hands, an alternate metallic left forearm, a handgun, a spear and an alternate head + front torso with metallic battle damage! You better believe that if budget allowed I would seriously consider getting a second one. The beat where is grows the spear, then breaks it off to javelin it at the heroes is the coolest thing in the film and as close to iconic as anything in it gets. I wasn't sure what the deal with the alternate torso would be and was kind of surprised to find that the front of the figure snaps off and can be swapped out. It's a pretty clever solution!

NECA - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 8-bit Leatherface
Yay, leatherface! Yay, 8-Bit character that isn't blue or purple!!! This is a pretty fun addition to the 8-bit collection as he is so unlike anything else in it! He particularly looks good with the rest of the 'Horror Trifecta,' with Jason's blues and Freddy's reds. The green pops out vibrantly and they did a REMARKABLE jump matching the color of the pleather apron to the plastic of the body! I will say, though, that the sea of green is a bit much and I do wish they'd have given him a dark green wash or something to bring out the details and break up the monotony a bit.

NECA - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Ultimate Leatherface
As soon as I saw the 8-Bit Leatherface, I knew this couldn't be far behind! It's a great sculpt and very welcome update from the old Cult Classics figure from about a decade ago. What IS weird, though, is that this figure reuses accessories from it... namely - the chainsaw. It's a weird choice and kind of a bummer as it essentially need to be disassembled in order to fit in his hands (the rear grip with the trigger pulls out and the metal rail in the middle unplugs). This guy does come with a new hammer, butcher knife, dagger, and a big meat hook. He also gets an all-new head, which, I'm embarrassed to confess, I don't recognize. The sculpt of the figure, and classic head/mask, is really nice though and finally gets some much need articulation that previous one lacked. It is a bit of a bummer this was before NECA introduced the double-ball jointed elbows with the Ash figures from the new TV show, because I can image those being put to good use here as well. On the plus side, though, is "fabric" apron. I was skeptical at first, but the pleather-ish coating has the look of plastic but maintains the flexibility of fabric - well played, NECA!

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