Hot Wheels Character Cars Teen Titans Go! To the Movies reviews

Booyah, booyah!/
Got my cannon blasters!
Cyborg, whoo baby/
Mr. High Tech Master!
(W-W-W-W-What, what?)
Mr. Meatball Disaster
(W-W-W-W-What, what?)
Mr. Boom Boom Blaster!

When there's trouble you know what to do: CALL CYBORG! He can shoot a rocket from his shoe! 'CAUSE HE'S CYBORG! Do-do do-do something like that. OH YEAH! Na na na na big fluffy cat! THAT'S RIGHT!

Like Robin, Cyborg has been a Character Car before; in fact, he's had ones based on the comics, on the Injustice videogame, and on the Justice League movie. Of course, those were all the same mold, while this one is new. And the really great thing is, this new mold takes its cues from the T-Car Cyborg built for the team.

The vehicle is some sort of off-roader with big, chunky tires and a very high profile. The body is mostly white, with a dark pink T and a light blue battery symbol on the back corner, the hubcaps are metallic blue, and there's a pale blue spoiler across the back. The Cyborg-ification comes in the form of a brown panel covering the hood, windshield and roof (representing his face) and blue circuit board designs on the side and rear windows as well as the T-shaped grill. The left side of the car has extra gray armor, like the side of Cy's head, and the headlight on that side is a big red circle, like his bionic eye.

There are five releases in this series, but they're sold in a case of eight. Can you guess how this works out? If you said "two each of the boys, and one each of the girls," congratulations, you're an utter monster! And also correct. Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg are twice as common as Starfire and Raven. Yeah. Good work, guys. Like we say, Mattel never met an idea they couldn't do wrong.

Teen Titans Go! gets a lot of hate from older fans, but it isn't even remotely as bad as some people claim. And Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is a harmless and fun flick that's really pretty decent - as long as you're looking for silliness and not plot.

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