Legend of Vox Machina: completing the team

Today's review of Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III brings to an end McFarlane Toys' Legend of Vox Machina line, in a sadly incomplete manner.

We've got Percy, we've got Vax and Vex, we've got Kiki... but then what? Nothing? That hardly seems fair! Especially since everybody knows you need your full team in order to meet the challenge rating of any encounter. So what's to be done?

Oh no, a wild magic spell has struck the group! Everyone tried to evade it, but only those four up above made their checks, the others have failed their saves and have been warped into strange, yet somehow familiar, new forms!

Grog Strongjaw, the goliath barbarian, will feel quite at home in his new body: it's large and strong, with a blunt melee weapon to smash his foes with! Maybe he'll even be able to grow a beard if this crazy island stops resetting his life every 22 minutes.

Pike Trickfoot, gnomish cleric, finds herself much taller than before, yet somehow her stealth and survival scores have vastly improved. Better stay away from the mushrooms just to be safe.

But the biggest change has to be bard Scanlan Shorthalt. The former gnome is now easily the largest member of the party, but he's still utterly obsessed with his cube.

But, wait. Who's that? Is it Trinket the Bear? Gilmore, of Gilmore's Glorious Goods? Crazy explosives manufacturer Victor? It's hard to tell, now that the magic has turned him into some sort of half-robot cowboy.

So as you see, even if McFarlane failed to do his part, you can still complete the entire Vox Machina team; some of them will just look a little weirder than you're used to.

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