Marvel Legends addendum: dat (medium-er) body.

Hasbro now has two mid-sized male bodies in their parts library, with this one being identified mostly by its pointy toes and pectoral hinges.

Here's a list of everyone who uses it:

Now we can link to this page every time we mention it.

Dem bodies!
teen boy | teen girl
small male | medium male | beefy male | big male | suit male
superarticulated skinny | superarticulated thick | superarticulated large
skinny female | petite female | slender female | medium female | big female | giant female
Wolverines | Iron Men | Hulks

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4 Responses to Marvel Legends addendum: dat (medium-er) body.

  1. ADD says:

    D'Spayre uses this body too.

  2. Josiah says:

    It's interesting that you have the Vulcan review linked here too... Vulcan is an entirely new sculpt! It's supposed to be the replacement buck for the Bucky Cap buck. So technically, going forward, it's the Vulcan buck!

  3. Josiah says:

    Interesting! I learned something new today!

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