Tales of Hit Monkey

Included with each of the pieces of the ML4 Hit Monkey Build-A-Figure is a folded slip of paper bringing us "Tales of Hit Monkey," explaining who he is to new fans. We haven't bothered putting of that info in the various Series 4 reviews, but now we're putting it all here.

Each piece of story also refers to a specific comic. To find out which, click the "read more" link.

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There was a time, not long ago, when he was just a monkey, living in peace with his tribe, deep in the snowy wilderness. And then, one day, a stranger came, bringing with him doom for the tribe. When the dust of this apocalypse settled, the tribe was gone, and only Hit Monkey remained. Dedicated to taking revenge on those he blamed for his tribe's destruction, he found himself up again the first and greatest challenge of his life. In the crowded streets of one of Asia's busiest cities, the young assassin Hit Monkey must face and defeat the unstoppable Bullseye!

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Sick of being considered a bad guy, Deadpool traveled to New York, convinced that all he needed to fix his reputation were a few lessons on the finer points of super heroing from the city's most famous hero. Little did he know that one of the world's greatest and most mysterious assassins was hot on his trail. Hit Monkey, the hunter of hunters, was also in the Big Apple. The simian assassin was famous by then for never failing to finish mission, which meant that time was rapidly running out for the merc with a mouth. The only thing standing between Deadpool and a pistol full of hot monkey justice was the amazing Spider-Man.

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With Deadpool and Hit Monkey on the loose, Spider-Man has his work cut out for him. He scours the city all through the night, hoping to find one or both of the hyperkinetic hit men before their conflict can erupt in a firefight of epic proportions. Unfortunately, the morning finds the climax of the assassin standoff occurring at the least likely place imaginable - the fake funeral of the web-slinger himself. It's all Spider-Man can do to keep civilians sage as the two gun-toting anti-heroes shoot it out.
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  1. Gendou says:

    Hit-Monkey is actually based on an older meme, the Hitman Monkey.

    You can see some examples of the meme at this website: http://hitmanmonkey.com/

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