An Overwatch by any other name

So the second series of Hasbro's Overwatch Ultimates is up for preorder on Amazon, and... the characters appear to be going undercover?

Who can forget everyone's favorite cowboy, Chili, and his famous catchphrase, "it's 11:59 and 59 seconds!"

Or perhaps you'd prefer him in a different colorscheme? If so, this Chili & Mango White Duo pack is what you need!

Speaking of two-packs, who doesn't like Whiskey 'n' Chocolate? That sounds like a Valentine's Day menu.

Potato? POTATO?!? Is that supposed to be a vodka reference?

Pop Rocks? We'll forgive this whole mess if, when Roadhog is eventually released, his product codename is "Coke."

Buy some.

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2 Responses to An Overwatch by any other name

  1. Pink Parademon says:

  2. PatrickDak says:

    Blizzard has codenames for all the release characters.

    Ana - Barley
    D. Va - Shortcake
    Genji - Chocolate
    Hanzo - Whickey
    Junkrat - Pop Rocks
    Lucio - Red Bull
    McCree - Chili
    Mercy - Meregnue
    Pharah - Donut
    Reaper - Licorice
    Reinhardt - Kebab
    Roadhog - Root Beer
    Soldier 76 - Coffee
    Sombra - Eggplant
    Tracer - Mango
    Zarya - Potato

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