The many names of Benedict Cumberbatch

To go along with today's What If...? Doctor Strange Supreme review, here's a list of all the silly names we've called his actor:

It's a good thing he didn't appear in Avengers Shippuden or in a crossover with Maradonio "Micron" Bimshwelino, or that would lead to the second-most indecipherable joke we've ever written!

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One Response to The many names of Benedict Cumberbatch

  1. Ally says:

    Fumblebatch Dumbledore
    That Guy Who'd Play Snape In Future "Harry Potter" Media
    Jammie Dodger WhippleSnap
    Agent Double-0-Strange
    Eggs Benedict
    Delicious EggsLaidToHatch
    FireHatch O'Higginsmoor

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