The factions of Mythoss

The Congregation of Necronominus
A group of soldiers guided by faith in their dark god, Necronominus. Highly ordered and single-minded, they are an effective and deadly force. Led by Malleus, Emissary and Son of Necronominus himself.

  • Necronominus
  • Deluxe Skeleton Legion Builder
  • Golden Skeleton Legion Builder
  • Skeleton Legion Builder
  • Skeleton Legion Builder 2
  • Turpiculi
  • Undead Builder

Legion of Arethyr | Circle of Poxxus | Congregation of Necronominus | Illythia's Brood
Sons of the Red Star

Army of Leodysseus | Convocation of Bassylia | Order of Eathyron | Xylona's Flock
House of the Noble Bear

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