Kotobukiya X-Men Jean Grey Bishoujo Statue

A few days before Toy Fair, Japanese company Kotobukiya released this art showing the design for their upcoming Jean Grey statue:

Not bad, right? Now the images of the final statue have been released, and after looking at it for a few days, something occurred to me.

Here, take a look at the statue:

Nice, yeah? But there's one small difference between the original design and the final piece - they've changed the rockets shooting out of the Blackbird's exhaust cloud.

It's pretty certain the change was made either because sharp, pointed rockets would be dangerous, or because they're harder to mold. It could be either, honestly. But look at the new rockets. Really look at them. With the tubular body, rounded top and etched ring around the base, those look less like rockets being fired and more like Jean's vibrator collection being thrown clear as the jet explodes. It's probably not intentional, but it's still true. I guess having both Cyclops and Wolverine wasn't enough for her. Or even Beast's giant machine!

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3 Responses to Kotobukiya X-Men Jean Grey Bishoujo Statue

  1. Rich says:

    In that case it's the exploding vibrators that push this into the must buy category!

  2. Frowny says:

    Exploding vibrators? Garth Ennis never wrote the X-Men, as far as I know.

  3. yo go re says:

    Nah, they're not explosive - they're rocket-propelled!

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